Family celebrates loved one’s 90th birthday

JACKSON, Tenn. — During the pandemic, families are getting creative with how they celebrate their loved ones and their major life milestones.

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Family and friends are wishing Magalene Yarbrough a happy 90th birthday.

“We thank God for letting her live to see another birthday,” said Jessie Yarbrough, Magalene Yarbrough’s son.

“I love my mom. I thank God for letting her be here with us for 90 years. It’s such a blessing,” said Carrie Yarbrough, Magalene Yarbrough’s daughter.

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Family members say they are not letting the pandemic stop them from celebrating this major milestone.

“Since this COVID and everything is going around, we decided to just have a drive-by, put everything in a box, get out and sing happy birthday and leave,” Jessie Yarbrough said.

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Magalene Yarbrough says she is shocked to see so many loved ones. She says it’s a birthday she will definitely remember.

“It was just a surprise to me to see everybody and to see what all went on, but I really enjoyed it,” Magalene Yarbrough said.

Family members say they look forward to coming together, without the distance, when the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer a threat.

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