Cleaning supplies in higher demand for school supply lists

JACKSON, Tenn. — As parents prepare to send their kids off to school, you may notice some COVID-19 related items on school supply lists this year.

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“Disinfectant supplies. That is a plus this year,” said Principal of Lincoln Elementary School, Ladonna Braswell.

It’s not just paper and pencils in the cart as parents make their way to stores, checking off items on those school supply lists.

Braswell says there are some other items parents can get to help keep students safe in the mist of the pandemic.

“Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, all of those disinfecting materials. Microban. We love microban because that sanitizes for 24 hours,” Braswell said.

While items like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes aren’t new to a school supply list, the pandemic has classrooms needing them more than ever.

“If they could help us with those items, it would really make school a tad bit easier this year when it comes to making sure that every area of the building is sanitized for the safety of children and staff,” Braswell said.

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Unlike previous years, classrooms will need more supplies this year, due to the inability of students to share items.

Braswell says as long as the community unites, they will get through this unprecedented time.

“We’re excited to see it all unfold. We’re nervous, but we’re excited because we know together we will win,” Braswell said.

Jackson-Madison County Schools start back on August 24.

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