West Tennessee Healthcare employee dies due to COVID-19

JACKSON, Tenn. — The impact of COVID-19 is now hitting the hearts of West Tennessee Healthcare, and officials are hoping new data will help local mayors make tough decisions.


“We have had hundreds of deaths in West Tennessee. Hundreds. Not just the 53 that you’ve heard Kim report, and these are not just in Madison County,” said West Tennessee Healthcare Chief Communications and Compliance Officer Amy Garner.

Now one of those deaths includes an employee of West Tennessee Healthcare.

“Her name is Yvette Forrest. She was a treasured member of our family here for over 21 years,” Garner said.

Forrest was the manager of Human Resources Administration, and she worked for West Tennessee Healthcare since 1999.

“I just want this to be a reminder to everyone that is listening that this virus is killing our friends and family and West Tennessee,” Garner said.

New data is also giving a snapshot into what each county in West Tennessee is dealing with.

“They do a running positivity rate over the past seven days, so through yesterday we were averaging a 17.3 percent positivity rate in Madison County for the past seven days, and we’re averaging about 38 new cases a day for the past seven days,” said Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department Director Kim Tedford.

Mayor Jimmy Harris hopes it’ll give other mayors the insight they need to make tough decisions.

“Before this press briefing three days a week, we spent about an hour to hour and a half with our 10 member task force, and we discussed all the issues. We discussed the repercussions of this decision or that decision,” Mayor Harris said.

“A lot of the things that we have already been talking about within our task force, they will have access to this information if they should seek it out on the state website,” Teford said. “So I think that’ll be a big help to them.”

Jackson-Madison County Schools superintendent Marlon King also said their task force met Wednesday afternoon to talk about reopening schools.

They should have more information out in the coming days. To see the new data from the state, click here.

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