JEA brings free WiFi to downtown Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson Energy Authority will now be providing WiFi in one specific location of the Hub City.

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Tourists and residents of Jackson can come downtown and take pictures. Now with free WiFi, they can share them easily.

“In downtown, the Jackson Energy Authority has put in EPlus Jackson Connect, which is a WiFi that is accessible downtown,” said Communications Manager Steve Bowers.

From 6 a.m. to midnight, anyone downtown will have access to the WiFi for free. Bowers says JEA is able to target downtown after receiving a grant from the state of Tennessee.

“The Jackson Energy Authority already had the broadband infrastructure necessary,” Bowers said. “And when the grant came along to facilitate development downtown, it was something we could conveniently add-in in a targeted area to our service.”

Bowers says it will be a great way to give WiFi access at points of interest, specifically the AMP and the Farmers Market.

“It’s a way to facilitate the continuity economic development of downtown Jackson, and tourist development as well,” Bowers said.

The WiFi is not meant to be a broadband service to homes or businesses. It will also include filters to protect the public.

“It will benefit, we hope, all the organizations and businesses downtown and will provide, just an enhancement at being downtown,” Bowers said.

The network is called EPlus Jackson Connect, and the only thing needed is an active mobile phone number.

“We hope it will encourage people to not only come downtown and to be downtown, but to share what their experiencing downtown,” Bowers said.

The WiFi will only be accessible for 30 minutes at a time.

After session ends, you are required to disconnect. However, you are also able to reauthorize and reconnect at that time.

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