Staff, residents at community living center vaccinated

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Briarwood Community Living Center in Lexington received its first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday.

Staff members and residents say this is the moment they have been waiting for, and add that they are grateful.

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“I am very excited. I am so happy. I was so happy to see them come through the door,” said Tammy Maness, who is the social services director at Briarwood Community Living Center.

“I got it for my family. I signed up to be a nurse 15 years ago, and I feel like it’s my obligation to take the vaccine and to keep from spreading it,” said Lora Maness, who is the nursing supervisor at Briarwood Community Living Center.

The Walgreens clinic vaccinated the staff and the residents with Moderna’s vaccine. Caregivers risk their lives daily caring for the most vulnerable.

“I got my vaccine today for my residents, to protect them,” Tammy Maness said.

“At first I was optimistic about the vaccine and hesitant. I felt like it’s my obligation to take it, keep from spreading it and taking it home to my family because I am working in it daily,” Lora Maness said.

Residents say that with the vaccine, they hope it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am hoping that this will be the beginning of a whole lot of getting to go back to normal,” said Donna Parker, a resident of the living center.

Parker says this pandemic has made it difficult for her, and she says she misses seeing her family.

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“Getting to see my kids, my granddaughter,” Parker said. “I had a sister that died a few months back here with me. She was my roommate, she was my sister, and she died with the virus. [She was a] very special friend to die with the virus. It’s just a really bad thing.”

Staff say this little poke in the arm is also providing a dose of hope.

Leaders with the community living center say they’ll continue to follow all necessary precautions to ensure safety for its residents.

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