Tennessee unveils COVID-19 vaccine locator tool

JACKSON, Tenn. — More vaccines, more appointments, and more locations for you to get your shot. There has been a huge breakthrough in vaccine distribution.

Covid 19 Vaccine Vials

This week, the state of Tennessee unveiled the Vaccination Locator Tool on their website. It shows all the locations you can find a vaccine.

“It’s really easy. They can go on, select their county, and select an appointment,” said Dr. Shavetta Conner, Regional Medical Director for the West Tennessee Department of Health.

This website allows you to filter locations between pharmacies, clinics and health departments. All you do is put in your zip code and look at your options.

“We make it available for whoever makes an appointment, and comes to get it. As long as they’re in phase,” Conner said.

This locator will be key for more rural areas. And if the internet isn’t your strong suit, there’s another option.

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“In addition to the website, for people who don’t have access, there is a toll free number for them to call. It is (866) 442-5301,” Conner said.

And a final piece of good news: The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is potentially scheduled to arrive in Tennessee as early as next week.

“We don’t have a clear optics on how much supply we’re going to be getting just yet, but we are relatively assured that we will get perhaps as much as 40,000 doses next week,” said State Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey.

That vaccine requires just one shot, and you’ll be able to decided which vaccine you want and where you can get it.

“They should be able to tell you which product they have available, and so consumers and patients and citizens can make an informed choice about which products they want,” Piercey said.

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