JMCSS program helps students master topics learned during virtual classes

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School System is pushing for a new summer school program.

If you were given the option for summer school, would you have said, yes?

Over 100 kids at South Elementary School in Pinson did.

“This is our summer program. We are trying to make up for the, [what] I call, ‘learning missed during the COVID-era,'” said Jeff Davis, assistant principal at South Elementary School.

The school system launched the Rising Stars Learning Camp, which is aimed at helping kids master subjects they taught during the past school year under virtual or staggered learning.

“The purpose of the Summer Learning Camp was to bridge the learning loss that they may have experienced this year, during the pandemic,” said Angel Roberts, a classroom teacher at South Elementary School.

There are two 16 days programs set up. The elementary school’s summer program started on May 24.

The middle school’s program is set to start on June 28.

“Children are usually at home in the summertime, so we’re trying to make it as enjoyable and as productive as we can,” Davis said.

The summer program was not required, but it was heavily encouraged. The program runs Monday through Thursday during regular school hours.

“They’re able to do different things that they’re not able to do, that they were not able to do this year, during the pandemic,” Roberts said.

The teachers and administration stepped up to help kids that might have struggled this past year — including the principal.

“We even have [the] principal who was teaching classes as well. Everybody is pitching in, and we’re trying to make it as productive as we can,” Davis said.

Organizers say, based on how much growth the students have this summer, this may continue next summer as well.

If you are interested in the program, just reach out to your child’s school.

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