Bahakel Sports: Comparing the Pikes Peak race to a Nascar race

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is unlike any other race. It’s man, or woman, and their machine versus a mountain, not other drivers.

“You might know racing from watching something on a track, this is so different,” said Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Historian Lisa Haight. “It’s like nothing you can experience.”

In NASCAR, drivers run laps, all coming back to the start/finish line. But there are no laps at Pikes Peak, just a dangerous climb up the side of “America’s Mountain,” racing toward the clouds.

“They start one car at a time with an interval and the clock starts on that car,” said driver Johan Schwartz. “Its a matter of seeing how quick you can make it up to the top. I believe it’s one minute, maybe 2 minute intervals, then the next car will go and so forth.”

This race is all about speed, which is why it’s so dangerous. A lot of places along the course don’t have guardrails. Drivers also have to handle altitude changes, from over 9,000 feet at the starting line to more than 14 thousand feet at the finish.

This year there are 60 entries, covering a total of 6 divisions.

Watch the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 27th at 8 am Central on WBBJ’s website and our mobile app.

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