Bahakel Sports: Greg Blachon returns to Pikes Peak competition

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — 60 individuals from all around the world have traveled to Colorado Springs this month to compete in the 99th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. One driver getting behind the wheel will be representing his native country, as well as the Volunteer State.

Once again, Pikes Peak will extend a welcome to Greg Blachon, a familiar competitor at the annual hill climb. The 36 year old Blachon currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, working as a mechanical engineer, however his passion for automobiles developed at an early age growing up in France.

“I mean I had to kind of fix my stuff myself,” said Blachon. “At 14, the only way of transportation in France is the mopeds, so I had to keep my engine running, and I like to upgrade it.”

Blachon’s skills operating with car engines continued to grow over the years, leading him to opportunities at the Vanderbilt Medical Center, and eventually his own business.

“It was an amazing transition for me, because I could stay busy doing what I love,” said Blachon.

However his love for racing, can be traced back to watching a former driver in action, Blachon’s father.

“My dad was a Group B co-pilot, and when he passed away I was ten.,” said Blachon. “I just had this book with me of a few photos of him doing the co-piloting, and I was just in the background maybe dreaming of doing stuff like this.”

Watch the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 27th at 8 am Central on WBBJ’s website and our mobile app.

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