“Morgan Fogarty with Bahakel Sports, here with Greg Blachon. Greg, how did your practice runs today go?”

“It went pretty well; we started with a time higher than usual from our early testing last week. Then we were able to reduce that time, so we shaved about ten seconds every time.”

“What is it like for you being up on this course, going up the side of a mountain so challenging: the drop of, the lack of guard rails. do the nerves ever get the best of you?”

“I like the car enough, i feel so confident in that car that its just…I become one with the car, and i just like winding roads and its just so much fun.”

“Anything else you want to tell your fans or your family, or your crew that has helped you get this far?”

“I want to thank everyone that put effort into the project. My family, my friends, the crew, the sponsors. We did pretty good so far and I’m very thankful for them. It’s been a long journey for sure.”

“Greg best of luck….Greg Blachon at the pikes peak international hill climb, I’m Morgan Fogarty for Bahakel Sports. Back to you.”


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