Humboldt family finds WWII-era mortars in yard

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — A family woke up to a shocking discovery at their Humboldt home on Wednesday.

“The whole time they’ve been in the backyard, and we’ve been living here,” said Xavier Dennis, the resident.

Dennis and his family members were shocked when they discovered what was in their backyard.

“We found some World War II mortars in our backyard. Our landscape guy has been working. We had an old shed back there. It’s been back there for about 10 years. We [have] lived here about 10 years, and we just now finding it today,” Dennis said.

The bombs are said to date back all the way to the Second World War, with one still with the shell intact.

“This is one of the mortars. It doesn’t have the primer on it, the actual bomb. It’s just the shell. We’ve been living here since 2012, since I was in seventh grade. I been out of school for years now,” Dennis said.

Dennis and his family are glad to be safe, but plans on selling the artifacts to an antique shop.

“I mean, I looked up some of them. Some of them with the tops were worth like $400. That kind without the shells are like $97 to $100, so we’re looking to make a few bucks off of it,” Dennis said.

The mortar that was still live was safely removed by the Jackson Bomb Unit and will be taken to be discarded.

Everyone in the home is safe, and they’re thankful to their landscaper for finding the weapons when he did.

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