Religion in Jackson-Madison Co. topic of monthly bicentennial program

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County Bicentennial Commission hosted their First Friday Forum for December.

“We’re excited to be celebrating 200 years of history and progress in Jackson Madison County,” said commission chair Elaine Christian. “The First Friday Forum we’re doing each month, and we selected monthly themes so we can dive more into the history of our community, and this month is religion.”

If you missed Friday, don’t worry — the commission says that they host a multitude of events, tailored to all.

“It’s a year-long program, and we’re really excited,” Christian said. “We have events for young and old. We have educational events, we have fun events and it’s just a celebration.”

Christian says that the heritage of the community is important, and that everyone should come out to learn more.

“We’re proud of our heritage and this opportunity gives our citizens the ability to know more about the community.”

City leaders want everyone to know that religion isn’t a tailored event meant for a specific group, and that everyone is welcome.

“Religion is very important to us as a people, whether we are black or white,” said Dr. Claude A. Bass, pastor of Saint Paul Baptist Church.

Dr. Bass says that religion must be a beacon to lead those in need in this time of uncertainty.

“Religion and the church must be a light to its people, must be a place to give hope in a despairing time, in a dark time for some of us, and for people who need to be uplifted,” Dr. Bass said.

He says that this city is important to him and that for him, this is where it all started.

“It all began in the basement of this place, this church here,” Dr. Bass said. “We’re so grateful to be here with the pastor, Ms. Elaine Christian and others to share in this awesome, historical, and spiritual emotional moment.”

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