Family continues search for missing 73-year-old woman

JACKSON, Tenn. — A 73-year-old Kentucky woman is missing and her family says her last known whereabouts were in West Tennessee.

“Since our family has reported her missing December 12th, we haven’t gotten anymore leads about where she is,” said Kayla McDonald.

The last time Virginia Emerson’s family heard from her, she was in West Tennessee sometime last week.

“The last ping from her telephone came from a tower around Dyersburg, Tennessee. So far there has been nothing else since then,” McDonald said.

She was driving a 2014 black Ford Fusion, license plate 900-VXH. But McDonald says she doesn’t understand why Emerson would be there, since she doesn’t live in Tennessee.

“She shouldn’t have had any reason to be out there,” McDonald said. “We do believe she is possibly with someone who is driving for her. The last message that she left for her son was, she was talking about her car was messed up and “we” didn’t know where, but she never said who [was with her].”

McDonald says this situation has her worried.

“This is really terrifying. With me being in Paducah and everything that’s happening down in Clinton and Union City area, and me not being able to come down there, it’s a little stressful. I want to be able to help my family and this is the only way I can think to do it.”

She has tried reaching out to places around the Dyersburg area but still has had no luck.

“I’ve called any hospitals in that surrounding area, nobody has received a Jane Doe, nobody has received anybody by the name Virginia Emerson, no one has seen anyone matching her description.”

McDonald says if you see or know of any information regarding Emerson, contact the Hickman County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (270) 653-5871.

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