Search is on for new airline to and from West Tennessee

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Local airport leaders met to discuss several topics Monday evening, including when a new airline could be coming to the Hub City and when Boutique Air’s last day of service could be.

Jackson-Madison County Airport Authority holds a meeting on Monday, Jan. 10.

“That’s still to be determined based on when the new airline could start. They have plans to resume full service, Boutique has, on Feb. 1. We’ve been running a limited service with them,” said Steve Smith, Executive Director of the Jackson-Madison County Airport Authority.

Several airlines have applied for consideration, including Boutique Air, Air Charter, Air Choice One, Cape Air, and Southern Airways Express.

“The top three are offering us service to Chicago, to St. Louis, and to Atlanta, and to Nashville. So those four destinations are all in play. We’ll probably end up with a combination of that,” Smith said.

Smith says there are some airlines that are possible candidates.

“There are three companies that have a really solid record with EAS, essential air service,” he said. “I think based on their solid record, I think that’s going to go a long way.”

He doesn’t think Boutique Air could be a possible candidate.

Jackson-Madison County Airport Authority holds a meeting on Monday, Jan. 10.

“I don’t think that that’s an option for us. I think Boutique has done well trying to come back and help fulfill the contract that they have, but I think probably overcoming the folks that have had bad experience with our current service. The best thing for Jackson is to move forward from here,” Smith said.

Smith says the Airport Committee is planning a meeting with Jackson and Madison County leaders next week.

He says the goal of the meeting will be to see what the best course for the community would be.

Smith says they will take their recommendations to the Department of Transportation.

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