It’s National Frozen Yogurt Day! Go celebrate!

If you needed an excuse for a sweet treat today, then wait no more, it’s National Frozen Yogurt Day!

According to, frozen yogurt has been around since 1970, with H.P Hood being the first to discover the sweet treat. They declared its name as Frogurt.

It wouldn’t be much longer before others came forward with their take on the product, with options from the Humphreys and Dannon companies.

Popularity grew for the soft serve sweet, due to its boasting of  being “healthy” in the 1980’s. Soon after ice cream makers started to jump on the bandwagon offering their take on “low-fat varieties.”

But is it really healthier than traditional ice cream? The average 1/2 cup of vanilla frozen yogurt or “fro-yo” as it is sometimes called is around 117 calories.

And while it depends on the variety chosen and whether or not you choose to add candy toppings to that sweet cup of joy, it does tend to be a bit lower in fat and calories than traditional ice cream.

If you are craving some frozen yogurt, and you are in the Jackson area, here are just a few places to go celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Yogurt Square located at 1235 Vann Drive in Jackson offers a variety of flavors. And while typically known for ice cream, Baskin Robbins locations at 907 Vann Drive or 2089 N. Highland Avenue also offer frozen yogurt.

Maggie Moo’s in Jackson located at 1032 Vann Drive also offers a selection of frozen yogurt, along with other sweet options like cookies to pair with it.

Of course, most grocery stores in the area also offer frozen yogurt in almost any flavor imaginable.

So if your mouth is watering for a sweet yogurt treat, head out and celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day, after all, it’s “healthy.”

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