American Public Gas Association issues statement

American Public Gas Association has issued a statement in response to a report by Stanford University on the
emissions of natural gas stoves:

“The one-sided viewpoint presented by Stanford’s recent study into the safety of cooking with natural gas discounts the fact that both gas and electric stoves release emissions, and that indoor air quality is just as dependent on the type of food cooked, length of cooking and ventilation as the energy source being used. Since the Stanford study’s limited sampling does not fully account for these factors and does not provide comparisons between different energy sources, APGA urges caution in interpreting the study’s results. Federal regulations based on tests and research from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other federal agencies do not consider gas ranges to be a health hazard for consumers. This has been a position taken by administrations, both republican and democrat, over many years. However, the American Public Gas Association (APGA) and our members are
committed to helping educate customers throughout the country on ways to reduce emissions from the cooking process and the importance of proper ventilation, a point highlighted by a recent study conducted by Catalyst Environmental Solutions and the California Restaurant Association.”

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