Educator of the Week: Karen McGee

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Educator Of The Week: Karen McGee

Karen McGee has been a teacher for 13 years, but her love for children first began as a child while watching her mom teach.

“She teaches head start. So coming up and seeing the early ones then and finding that love for helping them put me to where I am today,” McGee said.

McGee connects with her students daily to keep them on the road to success.

“We have those real conversations about test scores and ‘What can I do’ or ‘What is my next step?’ So that push from them keeps me going too,” McGee said.

McGee believes teaching the curriculum is important, but sometimes you need to go a little farther as well.

“I do take the curriculum that’s put before me, but I also say, ‘What else is put before me?’ Because that ‘what else’ sometimes may be the one thing that gets them to know the one thing of whatever I’m teaching,” McGee said.

Technology is one big part of McGee’s classroom, and she uses it often to ensure her students have multiple ways of learning the material.

“Students now are big on technology. They have a phone or they have a tablet or a computer. So ways to integrate that technology builds in and helps add on to their learning,” McGee said.

But at the end of the day, McGee says she is proud of her students for their hard work each and every day.

“I’m proud of my students. Period. When I see the growth, it makes me feel happy and warm on the inside to know that I have reached them,” McGee said.

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