Chester Co. Boy Scout surprises classmates

CHESTER Co., Tenn. —A local boy is helping students in his community.

A Boy Scout in Chester County created a way to help out students in the community by building something new at school.

Jay Hunt wanted to surprise his classmates with a way for students to obtain needed items such as food, or hygiene products.

Hunt decided to build local students a pantry system to help kids get the things they need.

Jay is 13-years-old and in the 8th grade at Chester County Junior High. He has been working on becoming an Eagle Scout and the this project works toward that goal.

So with a little help from his fellow scouts, Jacob Fugate and Nicholas Walker, he completed the pantry project for the school.

The pantry located at North Chester School is for student use and items used to fill it were donated. Jay wanted to make sure that at risk kids had what they needed.

The finished pantry includes items such as shampoo, toothpaste, soap, feminine products and other toiletries along with canned soups, packaged noodles, or snacks like crackers.

Cashsaver in Henderson donated all the food items, and individual monetary donations supplied the toiletries.

Materials to construct the pantry were also donated. Lowes donated all the building materials, J&W Handyman donated the tools used, and Walmart donated the containers. Jackson Engraving also donated the 8×10 plague on the wall above the pantry.

Jay and his fellow scouts worked diligently throughout the process and the pantry was named after him by North Chester School teacher, Mrs Jamie Hurst  as “Jay’s Pantry.”

Jay worked very hard, so the kids at the school could have something. Hunt has been in the scouts since 2nd grade and this is his last step to becoming an Eagle Scout.

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