Educator of the Week: Lesa Plunk

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Educator Of The Week: Lesa Plunk

Lesa Plunk spent 10 years working in a factory before she decided to go into teaching.

Now she’s been at Adamsville Elementary School for 20 years, and says she loves what she does.

“I really feel like God called me to teach because I love it. I love dealing with the children. I love working with the children. And I feel very blessed to have a job that I love so much,” Plunk said.

Plunk says she loves lots of things about her job, but she enjoys how challenging it is sometimes.

“I actually love the teaching part. It’s challenging, you know. Every day you have to come in, and you have to break it down so that the kids understand it,” Plunk said.

Plunk has been teaching third grade English and Language Arts for quite some time now, and says her favorite thing to teach it comprehension.

“Comprehension. I love to do the comprehension, and again, it’s sort of challenging to break it down to where the kids can understand it,” Plunk said.

Plunk goes by the curriculum every day, but says there are more things to focus on that are just as important.

“Yes, my job is to teach. It’s also to love the kids and to teach them skills other than just reading and writing. We’re teaching them life skills, social skills,” Plunk said.

But it’s not a solo job. Plunk works with other teachers to ensure her students get the best education possible year round.

“I have a really good working partner. We work together, we play off each other, you know. She will give me ideas, and I will give her ideas,” Plunk said.

And at the end of the school year, Plunk knows she has done her job if they have grown and feel the love she tries to show them every day.

“All my students have grown academically, socially, and that they have fond memories that they were in a loving and caring environment,” Plunk said.

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