Educator of the Week: Matt Bean

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Matt Bean

Matt Bean has always had a passion for history, which is why he chose to pursue a career as a history teacher.

“It’s just kind of my bread and butter. If it were world history, it’s probably not my favorite thing to study. Or geography. I’ve kind of always had a niche for the American system,” Bean said.

But he says what kick started his love for teaching was listening to different people present material in different ways to help students comprehend it.

“Seeing different ways to present material can affect people many ways. There’s not one tried and true way,” Bean said.

Bean has been teaching history for 14 years at South Gibson County Middle School and always tries to make it enjoyable for his students.

“I tell them at the start, if you don’t like history, you probably aren’t going to like this class,” Bean said. “I’m going to try to make it as interesting as I can for you. And I always tell them, history is the one thing you can go home and read about it for endless amounts.”

Bean’s classroom at South Gibson County Middle School may seem a little plain, but Bean says he likes the content to draw the attention.

“I always say I don’t decorate my classroom a whole lot because I have a board up there that I can show anything I want to show,” Bean said. “Maps or graphs, charts or videos. And let them see it, hear it,” Bean said.

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