Educator of the Week: Lindsay Humphries

It’s time to recognize this week’s Educator of the Week, presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery.

Educator Of The Week Lindsay Humprhies

Lindsay Humphries has been teaching for five years at Northside Elementary School, and she says she loves watching her kindergarten class grow.

“I do love kindergarten. They come in just little babies, and then it’s so good to see how they’ve grown by the end of the year,” Humphries said.

Humphries says that every day, her students inspire her and give her the motivation that she needs.

“My daily motivation is my students. Just seeing the joy on my students’ faces, it just makes everyday worth coming,” Humphries said.

And she tries to inspire them too, with kindness, a positive attitude, and an open ear.

“To my students, I’m memorable in the fact that I meet them every day at the door with a smile on my face or a hug, and I always want to know about their day, about their night,” Humphries said.

And while positivity is important, Humphries says that there are many other important things to learn as well.

“Here at Northside, our three goals are being respectful, responsible, and ready. And we say that every morning. I think that is something that when instilled, into small children especially, goes a long way,” Humphries said.

Humphries says that keeping an open ear is very important to strengthening her connection with students.

“If they want to tell me something, I take that extra 30 seconds to a minute to let them tell me because I feel like that grows a connection throughout the year,” Humphries said.

Humphries says she always wants her students to know she is rooting for them and she loves them, even after they leave her classroom.

“I want them to try their best in everything they do, and that I love each and everyone of them, and I will always be one of their teachers, no matter what age they are,” Humphries said.

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