Blackburn explains Kids Online Safety Act, publishes guide

JACKSON, Tenn. — With summer around the corner, one U.S. Senator says big tech platforms are eager to profit off children’s data, and predators will be logging on to take advantage of more time spent online.

A new bill takes aim at the issue.

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Technology has become a staple in today’s society, and children of all ages are logging on to use it.

“[Sen. Richard Blumenthal] and I have held a series of hearings looking at the way big tech had created a toxic environment online for our children,” said Sen. Marsha Blackburn.

And to help create a better online environment, the Kids Online Safety Act has been introduced.

“It allows children and their parents to have the ability to set some of the default mechanisms and change the settings so that some of this disruptive content would not be reaching children,” Blackburn said.

Some parents think it’s a great way to allow your children to use technology in a healthy environment.

“I think it’s a good thing for parents to have control on what they can and cannot see and just go with whatever is age appropriate for their ages,” said Jasmine Iniguez, a mother.

Blackburn says inappropriate content at too early of an age has created problems within the well being of children to keep up with trends set on by big tech and adult influencers.

“We have children that have lost their lives, children with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. Much of it that’s been brought on by big tech,” Blackburn said.

And Blackburn says while big tech understands the consequences of providing these addictive algorithms and trends to children, they are making money off of their online engagement.

“Children as young as eight have been on these platforms, and the tech companies have been aware of it and they have done nothing to get them off the platform,” Blackburn said.

They hope that by allowing parents to place more strict boundaries on all sites, they can protect their children from harmful content.

“It will help children’s lives by giving children and parents the tools they need to more carefully police and control what they’re exposed to in that virtual space,” Blackburn said.

There are many things you can do to protect your child’s well being online, starting with keeping their information private, securing settings, and many more.

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