Milan landfill closed due to fire

MILAN, Tenn. — The Milan City Landfill is closed until further notice due to a fire.

Around noon on Thursday, the Milan Fire Department was dispatched to the landfill after workers were unable to control a fire.

“Been a fire here for a couple days, and they’ve been unable to bring it under control. And so we got the call here earlier this morning to come out and now we have started operations,” said Milan Fire Chief Steven Dillard.

Visually, the fire isn’t large. However, it is spread across three to four acres of ground.

The fire is actually underneath the debris, making it hard for crews to get the fire under control.

Along with Milan, the Dyerburg, Gibson County, and Madison County Fire Departments were on the scene working together to control and attempt to put out the fire.

With the fire covering so much area, firefighters are having to use more than just water.

“F-500 foam. We’re going to be using a trackhoe to help move this around so we can get down to the sea of the fire. And also, ultimately the way that we’re going to put this out is we’re going to cover it with dirt. And so all these operations are going together right now,” Dillard said.

Dillard says it could take at least 12 to 24 hours to put the fire out. But he says it could take more and it could take less.

“Just know that we are doing everything we can to protect our city. We are working as fast as we can. I know the smoke is a nuisance, but please just bare with us,” Dillard said.

He says they will be swapping men out periodically and are using several means to keep the firefighters cool.

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