YOLO Bungee offers unique way to work out

JACKSON, Tenn. — If you’re looking for a unique place to work out, we have the place just for you.

YOLO Bungee is one of the most fun places you will have working out in a judgment-free environment.

They offer a low impact, high intensity workout that is great for most fitness levels.

It’s great for anyone with joint pain or injuries such as ankle, knee, and back issues as well as anyone who just wants a fun new way to workout.

“Bungee workouts are really great for people with injuries. They are low impact, and really high intensity. So we burn anywhere to 500 to 1,000 calories in a single class, depending on your level and how much you are putting into it,” 

Officials say in a 30 minute intermediate workout you will burn as many calories as a two hour workout in a traditional gym.

“This is by far the most fun workout I have ever done in my life. It is the workout that doesn’t feel like a workout, and I have so much fun doing it. I want to share it with everybody,” said Tara Milllspaugh, the owner of YOLO Bungee.

YOLO Bungee is ideally for adults, but they do offer workout classes for children. Their harnesses can hold up to 450 pounds.

They are located at 2710 North Highland Suite D.

You can follow them on Facebook, or check out their website here.

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