Brownsville-Haywood Co. Animal Shelter over capacity, seeks community’s help

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — The Brownsville-Haywood County Animal Shelter is seeking help from the community to curb their capacity levels.

Tiffany Locke with the shelter says they are currently over capacity for both cats and dogs.

“We currently have about 40 to 45 dogs,” Locke said. “We are overrun with cats too. Probably 50 plus cats and we only have one cat room, so we are just kind of putting them where we can.”

Locke says the shelter has taken in animals that have been surrendered as well as strays in the area.

Animal Shelter

To adopt a cat, the cost is $35, and they are already fixed before adoption.

She says if you are adopting a dog, they have a payment option to help with the spay and neuter procedure.

“Our adoption fee is $60,” Locke said. “We have it set up where Bells Animal Clinic will help with the cost of spay and neuter when you adopt.”

And Locke says the best thing that people can do to curb the population is to get them fixed.

Animal Shelter

“Spay and neuter,” said Locke. “Spay and neuter your pets. It helps with the population of cats and dogs.”

For anyone looking to adopt, Director Cari Campbell says to just stop by, and they will help you find an animal fit for you.

“We do have an online adoption thing,” Campbell said. “You are more than welcome to come to the shelter and look, because it is kind of hard to pick out a dog our a cat off of the internet, and we don’t have them all posted.”

Animal Shelter

Locke says with the shelter being over capacity, donations are always helpful.

“Dry dog food and litter are what we always run out of,” Locke said. “We take canned food. Just about anything, we are gratefully appreciative for any and all donations that are given.”

The shelter is located at 217 South Russell Avenue in Brownsville.

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