Bells community gathers for special event

BELLS, Tenn. — Residents of the Bells community gathered today to implore a deeper connection to each other and the park that hosted them.

The Bells Association has conducted multiple events leading to today’s public and free picnic.

Don Williams, President of the Bells Community Association, informs us of his passions behind the picnic and its location.

“This is the playground area that we played up in when we were kids, and so we were just trying to bring that back to the community. Since we have been doing this, we have been able to raise money to refurbish the playground. Keep the basketball courts up and going. Just trying to bring a nostalgia back to Bells,” Williams said.

Organizers say the Bells Community Association will continue to work together in hosting events that other supporters of the Bells community can donate to. The goal is to improve their area.

Future projects include a walking trail for the elderly at the Bells park.

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