Crockett Co. community celebrates groundbreaking of Humphrey’s Park

ALAMO, Tenn. — The Crockett County Exchange Club Carl Perkins Center introduced the lot that will soon host Humphrey’s Park, a place for Carl’s kids.

The Crockett County Director Bethany Outlaw expresses her joy.

“We are really excited, we are having our groundbreaking, we have sponsors for our therapy park, and we are certainly searching for more. But this is our official groundbreaking,” Outlaw said.

VP of the Crockett County Advisory Board for the Carl Perkins Center, Brooks Rawson, shares on the impact that the park can have on the kids, along with the community and why he continues to serve.

“It really helps our children, the children that grow up in our community, that become our community. And they have places and roles, at this point in their life, but they are going to have greater ones one day in the future,” Rawson said. “So it’s just a passion to me to be able to help anyway I can, to help the center and its cause, and this is just one of the ways that that’s going to be able, they’re going to be able to reach their goals, which ultimately helps our community in so many ways.”

The children are able to not only benefit from the services from the park, but also from the inspiration behind the name of Humphrey’s Park.

Angela Boone, President of the Crockett County Carl Perkins Advisory Board shares the story of Humphrey.

“Humphrey’s Park was inspired by a beloved dog who has unfortunately passed away, but Humphrey himself, he loved everybody. He was friends with everybody,” Boone said. “When you think about these children, they need, they need that friend. And they need those people who care, and so just putting that Humphrey on it is just, it makes the park what it is.”

Humphrey’s Park will be built behind the current Carl Perkins Center in Alamo.

The park is expected to open in Spring 2023.

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