New flag raised above Jackson City Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. — A new flag is on display in the City of Jackson.

In February 2022, a contest was launched for citizens of Jackson to submit a design for a new City Flag. After the flags were submitted, residents could vote on their favorite.

Kris Stewart, a local artist, won the contest with his design.

“The funny thing is, I did not finish the flag until 11:59 the night it was due. So, I had thought about it, but I had never put much thought into ever having the chance to design a flag for Jackson,” Stewart said. “So, I had to learn a lot about flags leading into it.”

Monday morning at 8:30, the city took down the old flag and raised the new one with Stewart’s design.

“Jackson is home to me, and so to have a flag that might be here another hopefully fifty years, maybe hopefully for another century, would be awesome,” Stewart said. “It means so much just because I love this town. I love the people here. The flag’s all about connection. So, to have it in Jackson and have people meet here and get together, it means everything. I mean, my family’s here my friends are here. You know, it’s just cool.”

Stewart hopes that this flag will last many generations and is proud to see his design flying high over City Hall.

“Well I got a little choked up when I saw it go up,” said Stewart. “It just means a lot to me to see it finally on a pole, waiving proudly in the wind.”

Anyone interested in seeing the new flag can do so by driving by the south side of City Hall and looking at the leftmost flag pole.

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