Helping Hand gets its own helping hand from Tyson

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — A local organization received a helpful donation on Friday.

The Helping Hand in Humboldt is a nonprofit organization that helps disenfranchised individuals.

At their store on 810 North 22nd Avenue, they give out a free meal every day from noon to 1 p.m.

They also have a store where they sell furniture, clothes, and toys. All of these artifacts are gathered through store donations. At the store, people have access to hot showers, washers, and dryers.

“Our mission is to provide hope to people. People need hope in their lives. Beyond that, we help people,” said Ashley Teague, the Kitchen Coordinator. “By feeding them. We help them by providing hot showers, toiletries, the meals up front, the meals here in the kitchen from 12 to one.”

Friday, Tyson Chicken donated upwards of 8,000 pounds of chicken. This is the equivalent to roughly 32,000 meals. Helping Hand plans to use this donation in their kitchen for daily meals and for meals they send home to applicants monthly.

“Tyson showed up at the Helping Hand,” said Brian Simmons the Kitchen Coordinator. “To donate to us for those that are in need and those that are less fortunate. So we are here to help feed the community, and thank God for Tyson and the donation that they have provided for us.”

Since Helping Hand is completely reliant on donations and money they make in their store, the staff was very appreciative of such a large donation from Tyson.

“I’m more than thankful. I’m grateful because without them we would not be able to due to the fact that the economy and inflation and people are struggling right now. So it’s an awesome donation from Tyson,” Simmons said.

To apply for monthly meals and free clothing from Helping Hand, you can visit their storefront in Humboldt and ask for a client intake form.

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