Holiday season is here, package thefts on the rise

Package thieves’ favorite time of the year has arrived, learn ways to keep your packages secure.

Shipment services are reminding customers to secure those deliveries and packages.

The holidays bring about a time of increased shopping both in stores and online, that can mean more unattended packages on your doorstep.

According to research from, 54% of Americans have been a victim of package theft at some point in their lives, and as of July 2022, 1 in every 4 persons has been a victim to mail thefts.

Porch piracy is on the rise, and thieves find these crimes to be ones of ease. These types of thefts take place in small towns or big cities all over the U.S.

Most package thieves will cruise neighborhoods looking for unattended packages that are easily swiped, therefore covering more areas and obtaining more loot.

Some thieves will even target delivery trucks, following them to find out where deliveries are made.

So, what can you do to protect your merchandise?

The best protection is not leaving packages unattended for long periods of time. Try to think of your packages as a wallet or purse, it should never be left just lying around in public.

If it’s possible have the shipment sent to your work or the home of a family or neighbor who is typically at home.

Try your best to not leave packages as a temptation for porch thieves. also suggests these tips to help prevent a theft.

  • Track your packages and use delivery alerts. This allows you time to get your package secure before a thief finds it.
  • Add delivery instructions. If a back porch or other entry way of your home is more discreet, this could help prevent a theft.
  • Request a signature for your package. If a signature is required, someone will need to be present to accept delivery and therefore the item won’t be left unattended.
  • And if you know you will be out of town during a delivery, use the USPS’s option to hold mail.

Many residences also utilize doorbell cameras. This alone may deter some thieves. Or these can be helpful to scare away a thief, if an unknown person is found on your doorstep and you trip a siren or use a voice option.

Just remember, as the holiday season continues, be aware of deliveries, try not to leave items unattended and help prevent your home from being an easy target for package thefts.

To find out ways to track your USPS packages, add delivery instructions, hold mail, or require a signature, visit

Other shipment services, like UPS or FedEx also offer ways to track packages, or change deliveries, if you have an account with them. To find out more, visit, UPS here, or FedEx here.

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