TDOT officials talks about crack seen in social media post

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Department of Transformation is sharing information about a crack.

Tdot Officials Talks About Crack Seen In Social Media Post

Someone in traffic along Highway 412 noticed a crack in a beam that goes across Country Club Lane in Jackson.

After making rounds all over social media, several viewers contacted WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News with concerns about the bridge.

After a crack in a beam shutdown a bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Memphis last year, more people have been concerned when they see anything that could be a defect.

TDOT Community Relations Officer Nichole Lawrence talked about the crack.

“This crack that was circulating around social media yesterday is a superficial crack. It’s actually a very common location for a crack to be found. That form filler material that’s poured between the two beam ends, so therefore it’s where it meets there on the beam of the bridge and the concrete naturally cracks overtime,” Lawrence said.

Tdot Officials Talks About Crack Seen In Social Media Post

Lawrence says that the crack is nothing to worry about.

“Good news is that the bridge crack that is circling around social media is not a structural component of that bridge, and it does not have any effect on that beam itself,” Lawrence said.

There will be no repairs done at this time since the crack does not pose any sort of danger.

“It causes no safety hazards. That is just a natural, very common location for a crack to appear, so there are no repairs needed at this time,” Lawrence said.

To report any problems, you can contact TDOT at 833-TDOTFIX.

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