Cancer survivor shares importance of having a support system

JACKSON, Tenn. — People are diagnosed with cancer every day, and while some may be aware of underlying genetics, others may not.


When talking with a cancer survivor of over seven years, support seemed to be a top tool in her journey.

“You know, we got through it together,” said Jamie Selzer, ovarian cancer survivor. “You know, my mother came to a doctor’s appointment with me, my, my father, who was the other person, my family with lynch syndrome. He and I talked a lot about that and what it was like going through that and I had a lot of support. I was very lucky.”

“Important for patients to know that they are not alone,” said Sarah Defeo, Chief Program Officer for the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. “You know, Jamie described that she had great support from her family, and I think open communication is so important and it can be really challenging. It can be hard to talk to the people you care about, about scary things and how you’re feeling, both physically and emotionally.”

Having support can be crucial, as the questions and the toll of the disease may be overwhelming. And having a care team can help you in your search of answers by remembering to ask needed questions about the disease and maintaining the quality of life.

Selzer also shared some resources that she used during her journey of cancer.

“Taking it day by day, and you know, gathering as much information as I could through my care team, through, you know, doing research online, finding organizations like the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance, you know, websites like Merck, are all great resources.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing cancer, you can find support and resources through the following sites:

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