Icy weather brings potential for dangerous roads

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — Round two of the winter mix came through between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Icy Weather Brings Potential For Dangerous Roads

With snow and ice hitting throughout the West Tennessee area, it was important to see how roads were for our residents.

Driving into Bells, there wasn’t much ice on the main roads. But as you go into the secondary roads, you definitely want to make sure that you take your time, especially if you’re going around a curve.

This is because there is definitely a layer of ice, so you want to make sure to keep your traction.

Some travelers made the choice to get out and face the cold. Caleb Bratton shared his experience with driving in his four wheel drive.

“We came from Reelfoot. We were duck hunting on Reelfoot. It was pretty icy. Probably a solid half inch or so of sleet and ice on the ground. The roads were pretty slick,” Bratton said.

Icy Weather Brings Potential For Dangerous Roads

As you travel northwest of Jackson, you can start to see a lot of snow and ice on the roads. Especially in Dyersburg, where the snow and ice isn’t just on the back roads. It is also in the city.

Due to the mix of snow on the ground, the drivers in Dyersburg were able to get a little more traction under their tires, but the need for caution was still great.

“Just drive slow, take things easy, give the car ahead of you plenty of space, and you’ll be fine,” Bratton said.

With a third round expected to come Wednesday night, it’s recommended to be cautious with driving and getting out before the roads are completely clear.

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