Research links lower emission buses to improved test scores

JACKSON, Tenn. — Recent studies have shown that children riding a school bus can impact a child’s education.


That’s why Tucker Perkins, the CEO and President of Propane Education & Research Council, is advocating for a cleaner choice of transportation.

A study released by Georgia State University links lower emission buses to improved test scores.

Exhaust released from gas powered buses have all the necessary ingredients to create asthma, bronchitis and other health related issues.

Perkins says choosing propane over gas powered vehicle is not only safer, but quieter, reliable and more cost effective.

“If we took all of the diesel buses in this country and moved them to propane school buses, we’d save enough money to hire 23,000 new teachers into the classroom. Twenty-three thousand new teachers. That’s an idea of the order of magnitude of savings. Practically speaking, you save half of the operating cost today from operating a diesel bus,” Perkins said.

Tucker says every child deserves a safe, clean, and healthy ride to school.

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