Crockett County facing road closures due to flooding

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. —┬áMultiple roads are flooded in Crockett County following this week’s severe weather.

Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce says these roads will be closed until they are safe to travel on.

Elizabeth Road was completely washed away.

“Right now we still have several roads closed, all due to water, obviously. We have one road, Elizabeth Road, that is washed away. That’ll be closed indefinitely,” he said.

Klyce told us that it could be a few days before the roads are accessible. He says that the roads opening back up will depend on if the river continues to rise or not.

“It may take a few days. It depends on whether the river is still rising or not. I do not think it is. We should be able to tell,” Klyce said.

There have been several people getting their vehicles stuck trying to travel these roads. The average vehicle can be swept off the road in 12-inches of moving water.

Remember, roads covered by water are prone to collapse. Attempting to drive through water may also stall your engine, with the potential to cause irreparable damage if you try to restart the engine.

Klyce expressed that it’s not safe to travel these roads and to not take the risk. He says to have an alternate route.

“You cannot tell how deep the water really is until you get in it, and that’s the problem. That is
The reason so many cars are drowning out. It is really hard to tell sometimes,” Klyce said.

Roads closed in Crockett County includes:

  • Early Austin Road
  • Highway 152 at Cypress Creek Road
  • Friendship Eaton Road
  • Parks Road
  • Elizabeth Road (closed indefinitely)
  • Jennings Road
  • Friendship Chestnut Bluff
  • East Road
  • Old Mounds Road
  • Reynolds Road
  • Johnny Powell
  • Spence Road
  • Agee Road

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