Highway 70 Yard Sale returns for 20th year beginning Thursday

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Highway 70 Yard Sale is returning for the 20th year.

They have been setting up every summer break, and the fun keeps getting bigger as more houses and participants are joining the trail.

“It’s hectic, this whole street will be lined with cars,” said vendor Charles Harris. “And it’ll be all the way down the end of the cove and all way to the highway. A lot of people come through.”

The Highway 70 Yard Sale runs from Nashville to Memphis, but Exit 87 to Cedar Grove is definitely a high interest area. And one of the landmarks along the route is Abundant Life Family Worship Center, that will have many options for everyone.

“We have usually, every year, 30 to 40 vendors who set up outside selling old stuff, new stuff, antique stuff,” said Lara Fullington. “Anything that anybody’s ever looking for. We have lots of off-road parking. Inside concessions with inside restrooms, all air conditioned on the inside.”

With so many people on the roads, a word of caution is given.

“Just be careful, watch out for everybody else, and you might want to leave a few minutes early if your headed down Highway 70 to work or somewhere else, just be careful and watch out for the other people,” Fullington said.

And if you are already on the hunt for some cool goodies, some vendors have already started setting up.

“I had so much, I started last week actually selling, and as you can see, I got a whole lot left,” Harris said.

Others will be preparing over the next two days to greet those who come out for the adventure.

“Really anybody that’s just looking for a good day outside, meeting and talking with different people, finding treasures. There’s just a long stretch of highway there that you can find anything you’re looking for,” said Fullington.

This year, the yard sale’s official dates are Thursday, June 8 through Saturday, June 10, though there may be some lingering participants on Sunday.

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