‘How are the roads?’ Here is where to go to see if they are okay

JACKSON, Tenn. – “How are the roads?” We have a list of apps, maps and more to help you answer that question.

First and foremost, the Tennessee Department of Transportation provides the SmartWay map.

The map is available online through a web browser and can show you where traffic is slowed in red, where crash reports are, and where roads may be closed.

But TDOT also offers a similar service through an app called TriStar Traffic. What makes it different from the SmartWay map is the ability to view live camera found around Nashville, Jackson, Memphis and other metro areas in the state.

You can download the app from the Apple or Android store on your phone.

But if those two are not your style, you can always call 511, or (877) 244-0065 outside Tennessee, for road and travel conditions.

Also remember, if you are using Apple or Google Maps for directions, they can show you traffic as well.

The apps will show you the fastest route based off traffic conditions and road conditions, sometimes saving you a minute or more!

For those driving in the City of Jackson, the Jackson Police Department offers an app to see crash reports as soon as they come in.

Through the Atlas One app, you can see what street, if there were injuries, and how long ago the crash report came in.

You can also search for your local law enforcement agency on Facebook, as they may occasionally share important traffic updates:

There is also a Facebook group called “DTRB (Downtown Rickey Brown) Traffic Spotters Network.” The group allows members to post photos, video, and share what they are seeing on the roads in Jackson and around West Tennessee.

Other popular apps to check traffic include Waze, which supports a map in a web browser.

Through Waze, users can report crashes, road closures, and even law enforcement along the roadways.

Even with all of today’s tech, the only person who can know current and exact road conditions will be those inside the vehicle. So be sure to keep your eyes on the road.

Ensure that no one has to be the one that reports your crash by keeping yourself hands free while driving, as it is a state law.

Find the WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Traffic page here.

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