Dyersburg HS Student Told He Can’t Graduate

Stephen Price, 17, has suffered from epilepsy his entire life. He failed two grades and has been teased by classmates who say he will never graduate like them. “Some kids are just smart and I wish I could be like them and I wouldn’t have to worry about this.” When Stephen transferred from Georgia, we was two years behind but was able to pass several tests and be classified as a Junior at Dyersburg High School, Stephen’s family said a teacher told them, if he followed the rules he could graduate in May. “I needed to pass gateway and all my classes.” Even though Stephen passed his gateway test, and is passing his current classes, on Monday he was told that he is to young to graduate. We spoke with Sandy Baker, director of special education in Dyersburg. “I think it was human error.” Dyersburg High School told Stephen all year, he is a member of the class of 2011, but district leaders say otherwise. “We have to follow the state and federal guidelines. He enrolled as a junior with us this year and will not be 18 till next year.” “You look forward to it for a whole year and its so close, you can feel it and they just snatched it, and to see him cry and see him hurt, hurts me,” tearfully explained Stephen’s mother Theresa Smith And even though Price has overcome more odds than most 17 year olds, he said another year at DHS makes him want to give up, and drop out. “Thought about quitting, because its a bunch of drama and stuff and I’m tired of it.”