Sheriff and D.A. want McNairy Co. Pseudo Free

For 100 days, pseudoephedrine will be harder to find in McNairy County. Sheriff Guy Buck is asking all pharmacies in the county to pull the sinus and cold medicine from their shelves for just more than three months in an effort to curb the growing meth problem in the county. “The one common denominator that has to be present no matter what method you’re using is pseudophedrine,” said Buck. “If we take pseudophedrine away from the meth makers, there is no meth.” According to Buck, his office has busted six meth labs in January alone. Since September, they’ve filed 158 meth related charges. “It’s one of the biggest public safety problems we have in McNairy County,” said District Attorney Mike Dunavant. He backs the Sheriff’s plan. “We want to show everyone that it can and will work and make everyone safer.” Some Selmer residents were afraid the plan would be too much of an inconvenience. “The poor people are gonna have to go to the doctor just to get a script just to get their sinus medicine,” said one Selmer resident, who asked not to be identified. “[Meth users] are going to get it no matter what,” said Angela Bird. Buck remains confident that the 100 days will show that when pseudophedrine is taken away, meth use will go down. “There’s no doubt our number of meth charges will decrease.” The program is voluntary for pharmacies to participate in. At the end of May, Buck hopes to take the findings to state lawmakers in the hopes of making pseudophedrine prescription only state wide.

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