Benton Co. Lunchroom Worker Faces Charges

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A lunchroom worker for the Benton County School District is off the job without pay tonight, after deputies say the 33-year-old helped a minor stay away from his foster home. Now, some say this is just the tip of the ice of the iceberg when it comes to allegations and possible charges against Sheri Howie. The sheriff’s department is not saying much at this point because the investigation is on-going and it could lead to other charges. However, they could not comment on what other charges meant. While Howie was busy serving up lunch for students at Camden Junior High, the sheriff’s department was cooking up something else, an arrest warrant. The charge is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Shawn Austin, Howie’s Neighbor, says, “She should be fired.” Some of her neighbors say she should be fired for helping a minor stay away from his foster parents. According to the arrest warrant, late last month, she was told by the Department of Children Services, to stay away from the teen, however, two days later deputies found them together in her home. That same home, neighbors, says, she shared with her husband and daughter. And now the big question everyone is asking, is why. We went to her house for answers, however, no one answered. Austin, adds, “She shouldn’t be around kids.” Howie, out of jail on a $2,500 bond, will not be around as many children as she once did, since she does not work at the school for the time being. Now, we did get in touch with DCS, and their comment was this, “We are aware that something improper might have happened and we are looking into it.” Dustin Wyatt, a resident, says, “It really didn’t surprise me. It’s a small town and stuff like this has happened before. It’s just another day in Camden.” The Benton County Department of Education suspended Howie without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. She is due back in court March 30.

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