Escapees Caught After Stealing County Truck

For one Madison County Parks and Recreation employee, his usual Monday turned out to be anything but typical. According to officers the employee was inside a shed near the rear of Pugh Bourne Park in north Madison County Monday when he came face to face with two men who matched the descriptions of Darian “Drake” Pierce and Ricky Wedgeworth. Officers said they did not hurt him but did tie him up and got away with his cell phone and county truck. “Of course, it could have been a whole different outcome with the person here that was tied up and abducted at this park,” said Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork. Within 30 minutes the worker was able to unite himself and call local law enforcement. “We had a vehicle, we had a license plate number and a description,” said Woolfork. Nearly four hours passed before the Madison County Parks and Recreation truck was stopped in Memphis, but not before the fugitives attempted to evade officers again. “They performed what we call a PIT maneuver, which is to strike the vehicle, throw it out of control or spun it around,” Woolfork said.

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