Escapees Take Extreme Measures to Evade Cops

We now know more about the extreme measures taken by the fugitives to get away, once they were spotted in West Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, David Cupps’ wife called the Vicksburg Police Friday night. Over the weekend, his stolen rental car was entered into the national database, and by Tuesday, a series of unforgettable events happened. It was at a BP and Phillips gas station along exit 108 in Henderson County, where troopers first got information that the fugitives were in Tennessee. Patricia Rosser, a resident, says, “It really put Parker’s Crossroads on the map.” Fifteen minutes later, around 7:30 p.m., the troopers actually caught up with the duo at another gas station at exit 93 in East Madison County, where they were getting gas. John Mehr, Special Agent in Charge, with the TBI, says, “The troopers started talking to them. They said yes, I’m Mr.Cupps, then he was trying to get identification out of them and ask them questions. They jumped back in the vehicle.” And then sped off towards Jackson. Spike strips were laid out by the THP, however even four flat tires could not stop the two. Getting off at exit 85, troopers say the two acted like they were going to stop, but then backed into the troopers car and started again onto Interstate 40, going West. Mehr, adds, “That’s when they went off the interstate and bailed out of their car.” The chase went into the woods, where they seemingly disappeared. A fifteen minute chase that has caused billboards to be erected and one of the largest manhunts Madison County has seen maybe ever. Rosser, says, “I’m pretty sure they’ll catch these people, it will just take time.”

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