Gibson Co. Teacher Wanted; Facing Sex Charges

Gibson County High School is one staff member short after allegations surfaced that Health and Science Teacher Bethany Dyer, 36, of Rutherford, raped one of her students. “We have already secured warrants for aggravated statutory rape and statutory rape by an authority figure,” said Gibson County Sheriff Chuck Arnold. According to school administrators and investigators, Dyer has had a number of health problems and has been admitted to a hospital in Memphis. However, deputies have not been able to find her. “It would be more helpful if they would just tell us where she was and then we would get her turned in and a warrant served,” Arnold said. Dyer resident Lavonna King said this is her son’s freshman year at Gibson County High School. “It does not make me very happy,” King said. “A lot of kids are so mature now and the teachers are so much younger. There is just not much of a gap in between them anymore.” Gibson County Director of Schools Robert Galloway said Dyer has been suspended without pay while the investigation continues. He also said she is not allowed to return to the school. To King, it is a sign that some teachers may not take the title, “supervisor” seriously. “I think some of the teachers may get a little too close with the children, they have too close of a relationship,” King said.

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