Officials Detail Pierce and Wedgeworth Capture

We have new details on the climatic end to the largest manhunt that Madison County has ever seen. According to the Louisiana State Police, the Madison County Park and Recreation worker who came into contact with the fugitives Monday did exactly what he was supposed to do. And it was those efforts, along with the Jackson-Madison County community, and law enforcement agencies, that authorities say is the reason the fugitives are behind bars. Colonel Michael Edmonson, with the Louisiana State Police, says, “I told the worker God must have something special for you. I hope you know that.” Extraordinary measures taken by one seemingly ordinary park and recreation worker is why Col. Edmonson believes he nor anyone else was hurt Monday afternoon. Col. Edmonson, adds, “I think his resolve to not see his co-worker get pulled into it and his resolve to see that he had a rapport with them is great. They were talking with them. They told him they wouldn’t harm him if he complied with them.” Now, the worker is being deemed an honorary Louisiana Trooper for un-tying himself after he was bound, he says, by Ricky Wedgeworth and Darian Pierce, and calling police immediately after they took off in his county truck. Col. Edmonson, says, “Sometime around 1:30 p.m. they were driving around, they were lost, didn’t really know the area, and they did ask directions trying to get to a specific area.” And that specific area was Memphis, a comfort zone, police say, because Wedgeworth is from there and has family there. However, that comfort zone nearly turned into a combat zone about four hours later, as 42 officers responded and stopped Pierce and Wedgeworth. Col. Edmonson, adds, “When I went around the corner, Wedgeworth, said, Col. Edmonson, I expected to see you at some point. I said I’ve been following you since day one.” And on day 11, when they were caught, according to Col. Edmonson, they both apologized. Col. Edmonson, adds, “That means nothing to me. They’re sorry they were caught.” Col. Edmonson also says he wants to dedicate today to David Cupps, the man who Pierce and Wedgeworth are believed to have carjacked and murdered. He says he made a commitment to Cupps’ family from day one, and was able to follow through with an arrest, all because of citizens and law enforcement agencies of this community.

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