Lake Co. Coach Makes History

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Dawn Barger is a typical High School basketball coach, coaching a typical High School team. But what sets Barger apart from the rest isn’t wins or losses. It’s the fact she’s a woman coaching a boys team. This past weekend Barger, in her first year with Lake County won the State Title making her the first female coach to win a Championship with a boys team in state history. If you ask her, Barger will tell you she’s not thinking about it and she’s not the one won the games. “I haven’t given it any thought yet,” Barger said. “Im just happy for our kids and that’s all I can say about it. They are the ones who did it not me.” Many may be quick to say that the men’s game is to quick and tough for a woman to coach a men’s team. But according to the players the x’s and o’s are just that, x’s and o’s. No matter who the coach is.” “I feel it really doesnt matter if your male or female,” Senior Center B.J. Gauldin said. “A coach is a coach and she has pushed us just as hard as any man could push us.” They believed in a coach and in her system. A system that many players were familiar with having been coached by Barger in Middle School. “It was a big factor in our success,” Junior Guard Rafael Tyler said. “We knew how she was going into the year when she first got here. She always wanted us to work hard so we knew what was coming.” At the end of the State Championship game it was the Falcons holding up the Golden Trophy after an 84 to 63 win over Middleton. History was made, not only for a coach but for a school, players and community. “It’s all about teamwork,” Barger said. “They play together and work together and that’s what carried our team this year. Once they realized that then the sky was the limit.”

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