Man Steals St. Jude Donation Jar

How could someone steal from the children at St. Jude’s Hospital? That is the question police in Union City are asking, after a donation jar was stolen from a local gas station. It happened in broad daylight. Police say a man walked in, paid for his gas, and then left. Five minutes later, he came back in again, and this time stole the jar of money. Nothing unusual about getting gas, right? Nothing unusual about paying for it and then putting the change you get into the donation jar, right? Well according to the surveillance video at the Raceway Gas Station in Union City, a man does just that. Three cents was his donation, however, he decided to come back in and take it all back, the whole jar actually, which had about $80 in it, all intended for St. Jude. Bill Young, a resident, says, “I think it’s pretty sorry that someone would steal from the poor little kids down there. That’s pretty sorry.” And that is exactly how the owner felt when the suspect made a mad dash for the truck that was waiting for him outside. The owner says he ran after them, only to have this happen. “He showed me the finger, ” says Andy Chaudhary. That is right. The man who stole the money, he said, gave him an obscene gesture on his way out of the parking lot. Chris Cummings, an investigator, with the Union City Police, says, “He had a tattoo on his right arm that was some type of band that went around his arm.” Police say they do not have any leads right now, but believe the man is in his late 20’s and lives in the area. Young, adds, “I wish they would catch them and hang them right here, don’t even go to court, just hang those sorry suckers.” Young says he was so mad and sad, he wrote a $100 check to St. Jude’s and mailed it to them. Now, the gas station workers say they are just counting their blessings, because also on the counter was money intended to go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you see anyone matching this description, late 20’s, light mustache, distinctive tattoos, you are asked to call Union City Police.

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