Family Wants Motorcycle Back

This video is no longer available.

Investigators in Henderson County are learning more about the stolen motorcycle that a Madison County man was killed on, Sunday night. Crystal Gurley says her and her husband’s two motorcycles were stolen from their apartment two years ago. When she heard about the fatal wreck Sunday, she recognized the description of the bike and immediately contacted the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Now, she is hoping this will help locate the second stolen motorcycle in one piece. She also wants the totaled bike back for personal reasons. “It’s just a thing of it’s mine. I paid a lot of money for that. It was very sentimental to me and my husband. That was our one thing that we did together, had a good time doing, and I just can’t leave it. And we’re hoping to maybe sell it and get some money out of the parts,” said Gurley. Investigators are still trying to locate a red Suzuki GSX 600 Hayabusa. If you have any information on where it could be, contact the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.

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