Mother Killed, Children Hurt In Crash

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A Weakley County wreck took the life of mother of five. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Charlotte Puckett, 38, was driving North on state route 190 with her three children, when she lost control of her car and hit an embankment. The car spun out of control and flipped over at least twice. Family members tell us she was a good mother and a busy mother, one who was always on the go. A work badge and a small carton of chocolate milk are typical things you would find in a working mother’s car. Danny Loyd Jenkins, Charlotte’s brother, says, “She was just always in a hurry.” Now, what was not so typical for Puckett was the condition of her car and the fact that she will never be able to tell us exactly what happened along Highway 190. Lloyd Delaney, a neighbor, adds, “It’s very tragic.” Puckett’s brother says the day started like any other. She was on the go, shuffling her teenage son and daughter to Dresden High School, and dropping off her adopted 3-year-old, before she herself headed to a Martin clinic, where she worked. However, none of the them got there as scheduled. Sgt. James Ford, with the THP, says, “She ran off the right side of the roadway into the gravel portion, over steered, over corrected, and entered back onto the roadway.” Puckett’s car flipped at least twice, ultimately landing upside down and pinning her underneath. Ford, adds, “That’s hard to determine if she was going too fast or if someone may have distracted her inside the vehicle.” According to the fatality report, no one in the car was wearing their seat belt and the child’s car seat was not properly used. The only child injured was the teenage daughter. Family members tell us she had to undergo surgery on her ear. Jenkins, adds, “One of three doesn’t know their mother is gone. They’re going to Memphis for ear surgery. They don’t want to tell her yet, but she said when she got out she was going to see her mom.” Now, the message the Puckett family has for other busy families is this: slow down because life is very valuable. The principal at Dresden High School says this is a say day for the school. The Puckett’s are a good family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

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