Dyer Fire Chief Resigns

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For more than 45 years former Fire Chief Bob Moore has worked helping the citizens of the city of Dyer protect their lives and their homes. “He’s help raised a lot of money for the fire station…he help us get grant money that we used to get new equipment and vehicles,” says Sam Thompson, mayor of Dyer. Thompson says he was puzzled to hear Moore had turned in his letter of resignation. “Down deep in my heart I feel Chief Moore got some bad information because at no time was this board going to think of terminating him or reprimanding him because number one, we really didn’t have anything to terminate him on and number two, he really hadn’t done anything to be reprimanded about… and then we get his letter,” says Thompson. Christy King worked as an auxiliary fire fighter for Dyer and her husband has worked as a fire fighter for dyer for almost 20 years. She says Moore had a problem putting his foot down when needed. “I think that it was time he did resign… it was time for him to go,” says King. King says she can recall an instance when a fire fighter left one of his fellow fighters in a burning house. Kings feels as though the fire fighter should have been reprimanded. She says nothing was done. “I believe there have been times when potential harm could have happened physically to not just my husband… but all the men,” says King. She says Moore made purchases for the department that could have waited. Mayor Thompson says Moore bought cabinets for the station without the approval of he or the board. The mayor adds this upset certain members of the department, especially since the fire station was without air-conditioning due to overages encountered during construction. “There was a lot of controversy and a lot of choices that we feel he made that just weren’t beneficial to the department,” says King. Some board members say Moore was less than honest after a wreck that occurred in April of last year. “He had an accident back last summer with an individual here in town…it was told to the board.. he (Moore) told a board member that he backed into a vehicle when actually it was he ran into a vehicle,” says Thompson. Mayor Thompson says this incident was minute, but he admits it upset some of the members of the board. Despite any disagreements Moore might have had with the fire department, all parties say Moore made significant contributions to the Dyer Fire Department. “He had 28 fireman and of course there were 28 different ideas,” says Thompson. Thompson thinks better communication would have solved a lot of the problems.    

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