Speed Cameras Net Thousands in Medina

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Speed Cameras Net Thousands in Medina By: Caitlyn Jones cjones@wbbjtv.com 3:13 pm Police in Medina have now had speed cameras set up on the 45-bypass for almost three months and have issued thousands of citations. Records show in January nearly 2,000 tickets were issued. The next month that number dropped to about 1,500 and March is expected to come out with about 1,200 tickets. All of these tickets rack up a lot of money for the city according to Chief Chad Lowery. He says they receive $18 for each of the first 200 tickets each month and $32 for each ticket after 200. Chief Lowery tells us the money coming in from citations goes into the city’s general fund. They plan on reviewing exactly how much money the cameras bring in and what to do with it towards the end of the year.

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